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Designing on a Tablet


In the dynamic world of marketing, it is important to keep yourself updated with the latest skills and trends needed to make an impact in this industry. I believe in the process of lifelong learning. There is always something that we don't know!

Hard Skills


Technology has changed the face of Marketing, yet I believe in keeping up to date with both digital and traditional channels. I constantly learn relevant skills from Hubspot, Coursera, Google and more! 

Working in the events industry, I learnt to use the Adobe Creative Suite to make unparalleled creatives. During my time at TRU, we learnt social media management, active listening using tools like Hootsuite. I also used Constant Contact & MailChimp during my time at the Chamber of Commerce & AIMCanada. I also believe in simplicity, when I came across Canva, it became a very important tool in content marketing. 

Soft Skills


As important as hard skills are, we know that soft skills play an important role in the working of any organization. Hence I always placed on developing skills like Leadership by taking lead on co-curricular activities, leading teams in events, always being pro-active in workplaces. During the same time, I learnt the importance of communication & teamwork to progress towards a common goal.

Working in the event industry and at the front desk helped me improve my multi-tasking capability, supervisory skills and I keep developing positive skills everyday.

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