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My education journey proved to be a foundation for my career decisions, my love for marketing and for helping me grow to be the person I am today. They provided me opportunities to fall, learn and stand up again before I started my career.

September 2019 - April 2021

Thompson Rivers Univerity

Post Bacc. Diploma in Marketing

With my decision to kickstart my career in Marketing, I started my Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Marketing at TRU. We started the program with a refresher on business foundation courses like Accounting, Professional Writing, International Business & Organizational Behaviour. Soon we moved to core marketing courses like Consumer Behaviour, Ecommerce, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Research & Strategy. 

Apart from the curriculum, I took part and lead in many extra curricular groups like the TRU Modern Marketing Association, TRU Taxation Club, The X campus radio and more which helped me grow my personality and expand my skillset!

July 2014 - April 2017

Mithibai College

Bachelors in Commerce [B.Com]

The Bachelor in Commerce Program at Mithibai College (one of the highest reputed in Mumbai) was a very eventful journey. It served as the foundation from where I was able to be the person I am. It gave me a platform to be an active part of bigger projects, lead huge teams towards a common goal & gain invaluable insights on how the world works.

In the program, we studies basics for a whole range of business topics from Accounting, Business Economics, Marketing, I.T and more. This helped me find my passion for marketing and events!

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